Track your claim's updates

We'll get in touch by text message or email (whichever you prefer) whenever there's an update to your claim.

MyClaim keeps you up to date with everything you need to know.

Access your documents

All the important ‘paperwork' - sent straight to your MyClaim account.

Access your documents online anytime you like - day or night. 24/7.

Manage your appointments

Most Personal Injury claims require you to be seen by an independent medical practitioner.

We'll make the appointment for you and let you know when and where you need to be assessed.

Contact your Legal Advisor

You should never need to contact your Legal Advisor - because we'll be in touch when we've got some news or if we need your attention.

But we're still here for you - to answer any questions you have during the entire process.

Paperless Performance

Most MyClaim customers will only receive a fraction of the paper stuff. We're doing our bit to reduce waste - and liberate your letterbox too.

A Speedier Settlement

A day here, a day there. It all adds up. With everything available to you online instead, we aim to settle your claim in the most timely manner possible.